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Bosch AquaStar 2700ES

Bosch AquaStar 2400ES

3" Stainless Steel Vent Pipe

AquaStar 1600H

AquaStar 1600P

AquaStar 125 Models


Takagi Gas Water Heaters

4" Stainless Steel Vent Pipe





Paloma Gas Water Heaters


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PowerStar Electric Tankless Water Heaters


Ariston Electric Water Heaters


PowerStream Electric Tankless Water Heaters


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Links to Technical Information on Water Heaters and Room Heaters

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Aqua Star Water Heaters

NEW Aqua Star 240FX

NEW Aqua Star 125FX

NEW Aqua Star 125HX

Aqua Star 125B

Aqua Star 125X Electronic Ignition

Aqua Star 125BS  Solar

Aqua Star 125B L Recirculating

Aqua Star 38 B

Aqua Star Power Vent


Takagi/Flash tk-1 water heaters

Takagi Tk-Jr.

Takagi TK-2 

New Takagi TKD20

Takagi TM-1    

Takagi Warranty Page


Tjernlund Vent Terminator



Paloma Water Heaters

Paloma Installation:


 Paloma Technical:


 Showermate Installation Manual

Electric Water Heaters, Tankless Electric Water Heaters

Electric Water Heaters, Tankless Electric Water Heaters

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